Leather Café Racer – Custom Built for Speed!

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A leather Café Racer jacket is classic and iconic.

It becomes a stronger personal statement, when the fit, color and detailing all work together to suit the wearer.

Personally, I love this café racer jacket in this unusual color combo.  It’s a really great midnight blue, in a gorgeous French tanned New Zealand lambskin. Accented with bright copper zippers and a vintage-y shade of acidic chartreuse green rayon crepe for the lining. I love linings that pop or contrast, whether it’s a contrasting color or a fabulous print.

Are you old enough to remember all those oversized bombers in a heavily textured, veiny, (and almost always) a dull brown leather?  Super popular in the the Mid 80’s to early 90’s?  They were everywhere – to the point of such over saturation, that it’s only been recently that these type skins are becoming noticed again.  (Now in a good way!) But these goods are taken to the nth degree in terms of quality –  the rich color, the finish, (French tanned) the feel and the color are all supreme!  I don’t see this often.  So, when I found this for my client – I snapped it up!

My client wanted a sleek, very fitted café racer inspired style and after seeing the leather he let me run with it.  I’d seen him wear a few things with a shaped yoke, sort of like the yoke on the  women’s racer I did a little while ago.  So I suggested a similar shape – he was right on board – “that’s my favorite shape – I have some shirts like that!” – Yes- I’d noticed…

When you have an essentially simple cut, like this sleek leather cafe racer has, a beautiful, unique skin, and great fit combined with small unexpected details really elevates the end result.

I get a lot of requests for cafe racer styles and each one has been very different.
From a python and cashmere sort of a blouson/bomber hybrid to tough and heavy leather, with tonal detailing.

A leather cafe racer jacket is and eternal classic- No matter what.

He was very happy with how it came out and wore the jacket right out of the studio  (I love when clients do that!)

Lucky for him the weather was cooperating that day and not miserably cold, wet slushy snow.  In NYC lately it seems like 4 different seasons in a month these days!

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