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motorcycle jacket on
motorcycle jacket on

Best money I EVER spent!!!! Years later and still loving it every time I suit up


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The Perfect Bag… It is exactly what I hoped for. Thank you so much Carla. Its gorgeous and practical and uniquely suited to my needs.
Perfect. You’re brilliant! …It really is GORGEOUS!!!
Again, thank you!!!

I really love the vest, you’re great! I have an idea for a shirt, can I send you a bad drawing that I did, and see if you would make it? Again, I love the vest. THANKS

I own dozens of pieces from every great leather designer there is–Gucci, Versace, Jitrois, Burberry Prorsum etc. Carla Behrle is better than all of them and is ten times more attentive and keeps working until the piece is perfect.

She is also remarkably quick. She has made three custom- made pieces for me and is working on a fourth. I came in with nothing but a conception in my head for a pair of one-piece leather boot pants. The difficulty of designing that for look, feel and comfort was monumental. Let’s put it this way–rather than wearing them I think I should frame them.

At any fashion house they would have cost three or four or five times as much because of the design and labor. And you won’t find them at any fashion house because they don’t make them. They don’t do custom design at all.

When it comes to leather design and make she is the best there is. I know.

When thinking about a wedding dress, I did not want the traditional silk and satin gown. Instead, I wanted a dress that matched my style and personality; and one that I could wear again.My closet is chock full of fit and flare dresses in many fabrics and colors but, I did not have one in leather!! After some research, I came across your website. Your designs were incredible and your craftsmanship in leather was like none other. After we spoke, I was so excited that you were excited to take on this project.
Your attention to detail and years of experience, helped create the perfect dress for my special day! You selected the softest champagne pearl lambskin, designed a unique neckline and even added pockets … which were great for hiding my lipstick for re-touches during the wedding. I was so impressed that my custom leather wedding dress only required two muslin fittings; which is a true testament to your remarkable talent.I received so many compliments about my wedding dress, even from passers-by during pictures in Central Park.Carla – you are AMAZING and such a pleasure to work with!I am looking forward to wearing my dress again for an event in January.

Speaking of love … I’m loving those shirts you made for me. But you know, I can’t get fat now. I put on ten pounds in October and December and I couldn’t wear those shirts because they bulged in the tummy.

So, I watched what I ate and hit the gym all this month (no excuse: the YMCA is right across the street from Cartoon Network) and I lost ten pounds in one month and now the shirts look perfect on me.
That’s my incentive. Keep my weight nice and steady so I can wear Carla’s shirts. I’ve even got a little definition now so the shirts look extra sexy. I got a nice smile from a lady at the supermarket tonight. Yeah, she wants me. But she can’t have me. I’m off limits, baby.Holy shit I’m so full of myself.

“Dinner for Schmucks” is coming out and the beautiful dress you made for us is in it! I am coming to NY to design “Men in Black 3”. I’ll have to come and visit your shop. Thanks again!

Hey, I read the blog and saw the pictures. I must say, the coat, looks pretty damn cool with the pants and I was truly flattered by how you described me even if only half of it is true when I am sober and maybe three-quarters when I am drunk.

Seriously, I was flattered because you yourself have superb taste and flair, which makes you tremendous fun to work with. You also appreciate that leather can be a sublime fashion statement, not some Hell’s Angels or S & M taboo, which unfortunately is the way so many people see it.

But who cares? That is the one thing that makes getting older worth it.

Maybe the only thing…

Carla Dawn Behrle is truly a very serious artist. Her medium is leather. Your body becomes the canvas. Her hands the brushes. Leather and suede are her paints. Carla Knows leather the way great painters know paints.
It transcends far beyond this however. Every person is their own unique size and shape. Since leather is a material that moves and breaths with you, conforms itself to your body and gets better with age, if you choose to get something in leather it would be best to have it in your true size and not a letter or number that’s supposed to be your size. This being the case why would you go to anyone except an artist?Carla is absolutely the person to see.I first met Carla five years ago and three pairs of pants and two unique suits later I continue to have her create clothes for me.Carla is a bit of a perfectionist and is very particular about quality, appearance and the detail of her work. Be assured if she is making something for you it will receive the same care and attention as if she planned to wear it herself.Working with Carla Dawn Behrle is truly a rewarding experience and you get something fabulous to wear when you’re done.– By the way, her leather pants really do fit like paint.

Carla Dawn is one of those unique and rare artists that blends practical need with an artistic aesthetic.

When I commissioned Carla Dawn with my ideas she fulfilled that vision and then some!!!

Every time I wear my beautiful leather creation I can feel the love and caring detail that makes one feel beautiful just putting it on. I recommend Carla Dawn to many friends and the many admirers who stop me to ask where I “found” such a fabulous coat.
I look forward to future creations from Ms. Behrle and thank her for being an artist for our times…

I have to tell you again just how pleased I am with the pants. I feel great in them and everyone has given me compliments. I tell them how easy it was to work with you and I tell them to check out your website.

I feel very privileged to meet you and to wear your designs. The tan/green jacket I walked out of your door with got many compliments at the party I went to next. I told several people about you; hope that they will come knocking at your door. My husband fell out of his chair when he saw it–he loved it and took many pictures of me mucking in the hallway.

I can’t wait for the weather to turn cooler! I wore your killer dress to a big event in spring, and the golden/green jacket has been a marvel – everybody asked me where I got it. Have yet to wear the cracked silver jacket because it’s a bit heavier…

I will dream about the other pieces on your rack and one day…

You so rock!!! This dress is awesome and it fits to the tee. I thought it would be big on me. not. most dresses are…. not this dress.

Thank you sooooo much!

This wedding is very high end… being held at a very exclusive… expensive place.

You made my day and this event. I so appreciate you getting this to me in time. My husband is going to sh*t when he sees me in this.

hee, hee, hee…

I can’ t wait.

It is by far the best dress I own.

I hope I can make it in a year or two to visit you again for another project. The pants fit very well, even if I am not a exhibitionist type of person, by far not – but I realize, that the pants are really an eye-catcher here in Germany.

You won’t find a similar cut with that leather in that quality.

Good stuff – my wife loves them.

I certainly am enjoying the beautiful jacket you made for me… I love it. I’ve owned several truly high quality leather jackets, and I shot for a different league with this one…and got it. I just wanted something simply special, made from the ground up for me. The process with Carla was rewarding, and the product is a wholly honest article of bespoke craftsmanship.

I have received the package with the pillow covers! Wow they are amazing! Fantastic work! The Leather has a fantastic touch and suits perfectly!!

It was a pleasure to work with you.

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you once again- the pants looked great on Saturday! While my new wife garnered most of the attention (rightfully so), the pants were definitely a hit to a lot of people.

We’ll hopefully be getting some of the professional photos within a week or so. While we’re waiting for those (which we’ll be able to send as we’ll have the digital files), here’s two slightly blurry photos from a friend so you can at least see us and how the final product looked.

Thank you so much for being a part of our special day!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

I’ve picked up the pants and in a word they are “Magnificent” The pocket detailing is incredible and exactly what what I was looking for. The brown colour is beautiful and is perfect. The craftsmanship exemplary.

Tried getting some pictures but they haven’t turned out well. Will try to get others to you shortly.

I’m just a average guy who is on the downward side of middle age, looking to “dress it up” Your sense of style, exceptional craftsmanship and dedication will allow me to do that in spades.

When can I get a black pair!

Thanks again and I can’t wait to wear them out.

....and perhaps the most unexpected note we’ve ever received!

So years ago, you donated a purse to the Vendy’s raffle, a street vendor organization’s event.

I did not win this purse. I did win a book.

The event was on Governor’s Island. On the ferry back, I saw the purse sitting between a couple. I went up to them and said, “You won that amazing purse!” The man looked at me and said, “Do you want it?” I asked why. The woman said, “We’re vegan.”

They were horrified by the purse, which had a fur-on top flap, and was the least vegan-looking thing you could ever ask to see.

I offered to trade them my book. They accepted.

For about two years, I didn’t know what to do with the purse. I wasn’t cool enough to figure out how to wear it.

Then I got pregnant.

I wanted to look as fierce as possible. Feeling vulnerable, I wanted to look tough to protect the baby inside of me. I started to carry the purse.

Never, in my life have I loved any accessory as much as this purse. People stop me on the street daily to compliment it. I changed my entire style to wear it, and now I dress in a way that is almost unrelentingly cool to look like I can carry it off. And I succeed.

When my son was born (2.4 years ago now), I realized that the diaper bag that I carried barely held half of what I wanted it to. And it was a diaper bag, a sign of surrender, and not cool at all. So I realized this amazing bag basically held everything it needed to hold.

So, from that point on, I basically have had the most badass diaper bag in Brooklyn.

It’s more than a bag at this point, it’s a symbol of my identity. When I had to move further out in Brooklyn for space for my family, I feel tough and resilient wearing this bag. I’m still stopped, by so many people, who tell me they love my bag. My trade with vegans has become my favorite story, everyone understands and laughs at the punchline. (I love and admire vegans, but I am not a vegan and never will be.)

But your bag has changed my life. I’m better looking because of it, in a way that has made the transition to motherhood so much more palatable for me. (No one who wears anything you make would ever be mistaken for a soccer mom).

It’s also the toughest and most well made purse I have ever carried. The fur is starting to wear off in spots, but the bag is so solid.

Thank you for donating the purse to the raffle! Not only did you help the amazing Street Vendor Project, but you really did change my life for the better.

I love what you do.


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