The Fine Art of Bespoke Leather

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Editorial "The Art of Bespoke Leather"

The Art of Bespoke Leather…

From ancient armor to the iconic motorcycle jacket, leather clothing has embodied the power to provoke and transform throughout history. Luxurious, rebellious and rugged, modern leather has become the uniform of socialites, rock stars and motorcycle gangs, alike.

Carla Dawn Behrle is a fashion designer in NYC who takes leather beyond that mold. Creating exceptional, one-of-a-kind leather pieces for private clients in NYC and around the world.

Carla discovered her affinity for leather while working in costume design.  She soon segued into fashion, taking along her a deep understanding of costume history and impeccable tailoring skills.

Carla’s first venture, a women’s clubwear line, World Domination NYC,  perfectly combined her love of leather and costume, and gained a worldwide reputation for its fit and quality.  Soon, she opened a retail shop under her own name, and began taking on private commissions.  Today, she is the undisputed expert in her field, specializing in bespoke leather garments for both Men and Women.

Carla’s vision, attention to detail and unparalleled craftsmanship has attracted those at the very top of their game in finance, business and in the entertainment fields. She’s created custom leatherwear for clients & celebrities ranging from Rolex to Sony Pictures (Men in Black III) to Bono and the Edge, Cyndi Lauper, and many more.

“People come to me wanting a piece that speaks to them; their lifestyle, their personality, their desires…” She says “Often they have just a concept or a detail they like. Maybe, they dream of a long elegant jacket when everything out there is short and tight. Whether it’s a showpiece or a pair of pants for everyday – I take into account each client’s preferences, taste, and personal style when designing a piece for them…. it’s a wonderfully collaborative process to help my clients fulfill their dreams.

Carla Dawn Behrle’s intimate atelier is one of NYC’s hidden gems. Steps from the garment center, all the work is done right here, on the premises.

Starting with your measurements, the initial patterns are hand-drafted. True to couture, these become the  “toiles” or “muslin” fitting garments, the framework to perfect and fine-tune the design and fit of your garment.

During the fitting phase, Carla guides you through a selection of beautiful and unique leathers hand chosen for your project and preferences. From classic leathers, suede and shearlings to the finest custom finished exotics like alligator and python. Your other choices – from lining, to hardware and trims – likewise run the gamut.

Once everything is finalized, all the elements come together using a hybrid of couture construction, tailoring and classical leatherwork techniques. The simplest jacket can have well over 60 hand-cut and assembled pieces. Interior construction that is never seen, makes for a piece that fits impeccably – and lasts.

Additionally, instead of the many layers of markup that today’s mass-produced luxury assumes as “status”,  Carla’s pieces are a true reflection of the care, fine materials and hand-craftsmanship that goes into them.

The enthusiastic reviews her work has received say a lot:

Author Buzz Bissinger, a well-known leather fashionista, writes that while he owns pieces from Gucci, Versace, Jitrois, Burberry Prorsum, etc.,

“Carla Behrle is better than all of them, ten times more attentive and keeps working until the piece is perfect.”

Actress Mia Farrow raves that the handbag Carla created for her is “Perfect, gorgeous and practical and uniquely suited to my needs.”

There is nothing quite like a leather garment that has been designed just for you. Or the personal statement of a truly one-of-a-kind, handcrafted, garment.

Book an appointment and discover what Carla can create for you. To make an appointment, call 212-279-5626 or use the contact form on her website at  And discover the Art of Bespoke Leather.

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