Men’s Custom Made Leather Jeans

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Above are some examples of  our men’s custom made leather jeans….for some recent women’s styles go here.

Having a pair of custom made leather jeans made is a much different process than going to a shop and trying on a pair of this season’s model.

First of all, all production fashion is made up to a seasonal trend,  in a limited range of colors and leathers.  Additionally,  it is limited to sizes based on whatever generic body type that company has decide to cut for.

We don’t believe in that.  Not when you are getting something that you will have and (want to) wear for years!  Once you have experienced the personal care and attention and the finest leathers that go into each individual piece. You will realize that all of this is reflected in the garment, instead of vanishing into the miasma of marketing & markups that are added to mass luxury labels.

When you choose to have something custom-made you also have a practically endless range of leathers, style and details you can chose from,  limited only by your budget.

We regularly hear from clients letting us know how they still love & wear our pieces 10, 15 (and even more!) years after they were originally purchased. Instead of a label, we consider each garment we make a piece of personal integrity. Yours and ours.

Just a few pairs of men’s custom made leather jeans we’ve created are pictured.  Most are based on the classic 4-5 pocket style with variations individually designed for each client. We’ve added a few examples of women’s too!

The examples shown include our basic Italian lambskin, buffalo hide, our “Royce” cowhide,  French stretch lambskin and a glossier grainy cowhide.

While the ideal custom-made experience is where we can work with the client in person,  it’s simply not always possible.

So, when we can’t meet a client in person, we work with them via mail order & phone.  (We also offer concierge services, within NYC) Our aim is to get as clear an idea as possible of our client’s  style choices and ideas.  Also, learning how our clients want to wear their finished piece, is very important too.

For Long distance orders, once style & order is confirmed we send out a measurement chart and instructions.  A tailor (recommended) or a friend should help you fill them out & there is always someone here to answer any questions you may have  via email or phone.

When we get the measurements back along with reference photos of the client. We hand-draft their initial leather jeans pattern and create their fitting muslin.

When the muslin is done, we send it to the client with instructions for adjusting and photographing the fit. We walk them thru the whole process & check everything before they send it back to us. (In person, custom-made leather jeans usually require one muslin, by mail they can require more.) Once the fit is perfect, it usually takes 1-2 weeks to complete the jeans.  Our in-person average time is 3-4 weeks. During our busy season, (July-Feb) lead time is often extended, so plan in advance.

All of our men’s custom made leather jeans are lined in 100% cotton unless otherwise requested. This is much more comfortable and long outlasts the synthetic linings that ALL off-the-rack companies use, including some of the most expensive Designer brands you can name.

For guys, “Royce” is by far our most popular leather, it’s a soft, mid-weight & semi-matte cowhide. And it allows for a totally clean front leg, which is our #1 request for men’s custom made jeans.

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