Custom Made Price Guide

As of October 2021

These are the basic starting price points on our most requested items.

Since our specialty is bespoke and every project is different,  this guideline is based on our most requested items and our most popular premium leathers.  Depending on the specifics of your project  prices can vary.  Projects incorporating custom finished leathers and exotic skins, and/or any specialty hand worked leather techniques like cordovan lacing, appliqué, beading, hand-cut fringe, etc. will be outside this range.

Please Note that in-person project lead times are usually around 2 months.  Long distance projects take longer.  This can vary according the project and is always dependent on client’s ability to attend fittings within the time frame requested.  During our peak  season (August –  Feb)  Lead times can be extended considerably,  so please plan ahead.

Basic adjustments on our Custom work is included for 60 days after your project’s completion. (Available alterations will depend on the item.)

On fitted lambskin pants that often give with wear we include 1 taking-in, over first year.
Afterwards  any Alterations or repairs are billed hourly.  Plus the cost of any additional materials or parts.

If you have a leather garment that is not ours & needs repair,  we’ll  request photos first,  so we may to let you know what we can do and what type of outcome you can expect.
For those issues that we cannot address we will always try to refer you to another expert.

We require a 50% deposit to start with the balance paid on completion. This Deposit is non- refundable once work has begun. Custom Commissions are always Final Sale.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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