About the Designer:

Designer Carla Dawn Behrle- specialist in bespoke leather clothing

Carla has been obsessed with fashion and how it transforms us from a very young age.

Fashion and how it projects, protects, comforts and strengthens the person wearing it is a continual fascination. It led Carla to study theatrical costume design under Lester Polakov and Jose Varona at the age of 14.

By 17, Carla Dawn Behrle was the youngest person in its history to be inducted to the Scenic Artists Union as a Costume Designer. While still a teenager, she worked under designers as varied as Patricia Zipprodt, Theoni Aldredge, Ann Roth and Jane Greenwood.

It was while working in costumes that she discovered her deep affinity for leather as a medium. She had worked in just about every material imaginable, from Stainless Steel to Cellophane, but it was leather that stuck with her.

Side-gigs in fashion led to her to eventually start her first independent venture, World Domination NYC. This perfectly combined her 2 loves, leather and costume.

World Domination NYC was quickly picked up by Patricia Field. The line was a hit in Pat’s eponymous boutique, and with representation by Pat, World Domination NYC garnered a Worldwide customer base with a strong reputation for both it’s fit and quality.

Carla’s work has evolved over the years, encompassing her a deep understanding of fashion history, impeccable tailoring skills and couture sensibilities. She now concentrates her efforts in pure bespoke. Since 2005, the vast majority of commissions she receives are for menswear.

Over the years, her unique vision, attention to detail and unparalleled craftsmanship have attracted the likes of Cyndi Lauper, Bono, Madonna, Tracy Morgan, Joan Jett, J-Lo, Steve Tyler, The Edge, Angelina Jolie, Alicia Keys, Susan Sarandon, Mary J. Blige, Julia Roberts, Britney Spears and Usher, among many other notables.

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