We are a private studio / atelier Located at 303 5th in NYC. Our hours are by appointment only.  Call 212-279-5626 or  EMail Us Here

We offer a limited Made-to-Order Range in our standard sizes.

Cutting and making a garment to order allows us the flexibility to offer unique and limited fabrications, as well as range of limited size adjustments in many of our styles.
For example; if you are our standard size 4 but your hips are a size 6, in many styles we can adjust the fit for you.
Alternately, If you like a style you see on our site, and would like it a different leather than it’s offered in, we can source a leather just for you.

There is a additional charge for some of these options, but if you are within our standard size range, it is an excellent option to having a piece fully custom made.

Made-to-Order Pieces that have been altered or in any way customized, from our standard sizes and leather offers are Final Sale.

A fine leather garment is an investment. It is our core belief that it deserves to be better (and more personal) than the mass-produced, and extremely marked up “luxury” labels out there, where most of the client’s cost goes to hyper-marketing and real estate, rather than into the materials and skills used to create a garment.

A piece of fine leather clothing should speak to, and of, the wearer.

It should be a piece you love, and will come back to year after year. It should be expected to last and transcend the seasonal expiration that is built into today’s exaggerated fashion cycle. The nature of leather is that of a second skin that will grow with you.

This is why our specialty is “Custom-Made” A.K.A. “Bespoke”. Where a one-of-a-kind garment is created from start to finish for one specific individual.

The creation of a bespoke garment can be a wonderfully collaborative process. Taking into account lifestyle, personal style and sartorial desires. The design can be as extravagant or as elegant as you’d like. Likewise the choice of leather, finishing and details. True artisan craftsmanship, One pair of hands overseeing the complete process from start to finish with care and consideration taken at every step of the process.
All Custom Made Items are Final Sale.

Custom-Made pieces are individually designed and made for a specific individual and are by definition one-of-a-kind. Our Custom Made prices are comparable to high end Mass-Produced Luxury Labels, such as;  Brunello Cucinelli, Balanciaga, Givenchy,  Jitrois,  Burberry, Balmain, The Row and YSL and can be less since we do not do the traditional retail markup. Your investment goes directly into the finest materials, trims, hardware available and the skilled craftsmanship and careful personal attention taken.  Please See our Pricing Guidelines.  These are just a guide and may not reflect your specific project. These prices are subject to change and may not always be up to date.

Usually while discussing with the client their needs and desires, the design becomes well laid out via reference materials and simple hand sketches, and the fine tuning of various details happens during the muslin fittings stage.

A selection of 2-3 simple line drawings are always part of the process.

Sometimes a client cannot make up their mind on various details and may required more than a simple hand sketch to clarify.

2-3 detailed color renderings of designs and/or variations can be requested for an additional fee, and are included on commissions of $5000 or more.

Absolutely, many of our clients live elsewhere in the US and Overseas. If you visit NYC city and let us know in advance we can arrange appointments for you during your visit. 

If your visit is short we recommend facilitating the custom-made process with initial consult via phone and email, and working with a tailor to take the measurements we need, so that we may prepare your initial fitting garment in advance of your visit. We can also work via the mail, email and phone. 

If you are in the city for a week or more, and depending on the project, we can often schedule both the initial consult and first fitting into that window.

Long distance Custom-Made takes a little longer, but the results are the same. Completion time varies as it’s dependent on combined scheduling and mail services.

If you are interested in booking an appointment please email us here

On average MTO items take between 1 – 4 weeks to make and ship.  We have provided more specific time frames within each item description.

Due to the nature of Custom Made it takes longer, although with proper planning and well-timed fittings we can often turn around a pair of pants in as little as 2 weeks if you see us in person. The average for pants, in person is usually 3-4 weeks.

Custom Commissions by mail, take longer and the time frame is at the mercy of each client’s ability to fulfill fittings, provide photos, return the fitting garment and make their leather choices in a timely fashion. It’s not possible for us to provide a strict time frame for long-distance Custom Made.

We are able to provide hybrid services to our Long distance custom clientele who travel to NYC on occasion.  Getting measurements and consultation at least a week or two before their initial visit and fulfilling 1-2 fittings in person while they are here. This speeds up the long distance process considerably.

If you are interested in booking an appointment please email us here

The online shop is set up to accept orders from the US, Canada and Several European Countries. If you Order is not accepted online it means it is not set in our system and we will have to let you know if we are able to ship to your country.

We accept Long distance Custom Made Commissions across North America.

Custom Commissions from outside the USA and Canada are accepted on a case by case basis. Custom Made Orders undertaken Long distance require payment via a verified paypal account or wire transfer  and for certain countries we require that client have their own shipping service account.

Yes, Basic adjustments on our Custom work, is included for 120 days after your project’s completion. If anything requires repair within this period it is included.

(We are not responsible for hardware/button loss or failure, damage due to surface staining, dry-cleaning, or mistreatment of garment.)

If you have a leather garment that is not ours & needs repair, we’ll usually request request photos first, so we may to let you know what we can do and what type of outcome you can expect. Alterations are billed at our basic hourly rate with a 1 hour minimum and then pro rated. Plus cost of any additional materials, hardware and shipping.

Please note that leather garments can only be successfully taken in or made smaller within 2 sizes. Leather garments cannot easily be let out or made larger.

For those issues that we cannot address we will always try to refer you to another expert.

Yes, we can work with approved client provided materials. Approval is Contingent on suitability for your specific project. We are happy to guide you in any purchase decisions.

Due to set-up and space limitations, we prefer not to take on 100% fabric based projects. But we can, and do incorporate a limited range of fabrics into our leather work. Wools, Denims, and stable textiles are best. We cannot accommodate any t-shirt type materials. Remember, leather is our specialty!!

No, we don’t “customize” already finished garments.

We are happy to help. Full design and prototype development for production is much more involved and costs more than the custom made process as the goal is a systematized and production ready design and process from start to finish. Please visit our B2B page for more info.
For a-la-cart services, such as patterns, sample construction etc, our hourly rate is $85ph for leathers and $125ph for exotics, exclusive of materials.

Rush orders are accepted as our schedule permits and will incur an additional charge of 15 – 50% depending on whether the item requested is made-to-order from our standard style offerings or a fully Custom Made project.

Due to the nature of the work Custom Made Items  are strictly Final Sale.

Made-to-Order items that have had any changes to size, color or type of leather other what is offered as standard on the site,  are Final Sale.   Sample Sale and Archival Pieces are Final Sale.

We can only offer exchanges on Made-to-Order items in standard sizes and our basic color ways (usually Black Italian Lambskin) 

Returned items must be received in New, Unworn Condition.  Tags and Labels intact with Original Packaging.

We make our pieces to order because we are vehemently opposed to the massive amounts of waste inherent in the Fashion industry.

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