The Tux Shirt – Formal, Not Formal – Forever

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My take on a classic tuxedo shirt

created with a crispy paperweight leather and soft lambskin suede. 

I am really loving how this tuxedo shirt came out!

Rendered in a deep black lamb suede and a matte-finished lambskin, it elevates the old standard tuxedo shirt into a modern, luxe obsession/fetish. 

One that can be worn just about anywhere.  With jeans or a suit, basically, however, you’d want to style it.

In creating this Leather tuxedo shirt, it was really important to keep the weight of the pleating down since the body leather is so soft and fluid.  I experimented with various ways of creating the “pleats” from simple cut-edged layers to actual pleating, and I was not happy with the results.

Even though the leather that the pleats are made of is a super lightweight skin, it just all looked bulky, and nothing was giving me the nice and crisp look I wanted until I decided to lighten up the pleats – a lot- with organza. 

So in the end the pleats are not technically pleats – they are based on an appliqué technique that’s used more in costumes than in fashion these days.  And they are nice and clean and crisp without being bulky.

So this leather  Tuxedo shirt achieves my goals – Style, wearability, comfort, and versatility.  In all the men’s shirts I’ve made,  these are the main requirements.  For both my clients and me!

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