Men’s Bespoke Python Skin Jacket

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This Men’s Python Jacket is perfect Luxe Casual!

After the prolonged winter we’ve had here in the North East everyone is chomping at the bit to get out and enjoy any over 30 degree weather that’s coming their way.  It’s starting to warm up – and before we know it, it will be spring…

Our client planned ahead and his new custom-made, python skin jacket, with cashmere contrast sleeves and back is perfect to welcome our long awaited Spring.

The luxurious combination of the striking slate blue python skin and deep navy blue cashmere used in this jacket called for a clean and elegant silhouette to make the most of the gorgeous materials. It’s lined in 3 ply silk crepe, and has 2 additional and secure inside pockets.

This is a wonderful weight jacket to go from Spring to Fall, and can be worn in place of, or a bit more flexibly than a suit jacket without giving up an iota of style. It will both dress up and relax options ranging from good raw jeans with a dress shirt or a turtleneck – to taking the place of the traditional blazer.

Python skin is a beautifully strong and long wearing leather, for garments it may be mid to lightweight as these skins are, or in the case of much larger skins fairly heavyweight. It can range in hand-feel from very soft and supple to full bodied and rugged, like a heavy motorcycle leather.  Either way it is one of the most luxurious leathers you could choose for any custom made garment.

There are different cuts in python, back cut and belly cut. These 2 cuts offer wonderful design possibilities and can, from a design point of view, inform both creatively and practically how a skin is used. Sort of like the marble talking to Michelangelo….

This jacket uses back cut skins, and the scales have been carefully arranged to suit the cut of the jacket, and to subtlety  follow the curve of the collar.

Most solid color python skins utilize this cut, which highlights the larger central scales of the belly. Solid color skins are first bleached – removing the natural markings of the skin, before being dyed to a uniform color.  Short-tail Python are generally used for solid color finishing, as the markings are not the distinctively beautiful diamond patterns seen on reticulated python.

Belly cut is used to highlight the natural markings of an unbleached skin. The differences between the look of these two cuts and skins is striking and gives you a wonderful range of application options.
Finishes can vary from very highly glazed to very matte,  the skins used in this python jacket are a semi-matte.

When working in exotic skins the cutting has to be carefully planned to best utilize the patterning and scales, since each skin has its own separate characteristics and subtle shadings.  Planning & cutting alone can take a day, and very often more depending on the project.  Planning, cutting and prepping the snakeskin elements of this jacket took just about 2 days.  A full python jacket can easily take 3 or more days to plan, cut and prep, depending on the project. Carefully planned and precise cutting is integral to the creation a fine exotic skin garment.  Considering that a full python garment can last for decades, it is time well spent.

Larger Wild Skins, which are quite spectacular, are heavier and stiffer towards the belly scales – when we use these types of skins we place the pattern pieces in a way that the shape of the garment is accentuated and enhanced by the varying flexibility of the different areas of the skins. This type of planning takes even longer.

An example of a python skin jacket made in these much larger  wild skins and the very visible difference in scale and texture can be seen here.

Python is available in a range of over 40 colors and various finishes. Some colors and finishes require an 8 week lead time. Custom Colors are available (There are minimums and additional charges for custom colors and finishes)

The Care And Feeding of your Exotic Leather Garment or Accessory:

Exotic skins should not have prolonged exposed to direct sunlight or heat as it can cause uneven fading and dry out the skins. Excessive exposure to water should also be avoided. Wipe off any water immediately and allow garment to air dry. Heat & moisture is a bad combo for ANY leather, and effects are more pronounced on exotics like python. If you need to store any leather garment for a prolonged period, only use cloth garment bags.

Python should be cleaned periodically with water (a very lightly damp, lint free cloth) and conditioned with an exotic specific conditioner. Always test any product first, on an inside or less visible part of the garment, and allow it to fully dry before using any special care products on a full garment. Skins with larger scales should be gently cleaned & conditioned under the scales on a regular basis as well.

With gentle basic care and conditioning an exotic python skin jacket or accessory will last a lifetime.
All of the exotic skins we use are sourced from vendors who are leaders in conservation and ethical husbandry and are imported and protected according to US Fish and Wildlife regulations and CITES Appendix II.

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