Life During Wartime

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Hello and Love to all of You, 

(This was started as an email but really covers far too much…)

It has been a difficult several weeks (4- 6?… I am losing track) and I find myself re-living the trauma that followed 9/11.  (My small business was 4 blocks north of the Twin Towers at the time – flashbacks are unavoidable).  And it’s taken a while to write this…

The old digs.
The Old Shop at 89 Franklin Street

This time it is different, it’s not a sudden, one time shock, but a long drawn-out one.  One that’s being collectively felt by the whole world.  The amount of loss we are experiencing is heartbreaking. The amount of love and empathy and care we need to encourage during this time is boundless.  We are truly in this together.

It’s taken quite a few false starts to write this – between the shock, numbness, anxiety and the great unknown that’s to come. I apologize for the length.

Really, all I want to know is that you, your families and loved ones are safe. Staying inside and staying healthy.   Hanging in as best as you can.  Supporting each other.

Like our day-to-day existence is,  for the time being. on-hold.  So is future of small businesses  all over this country.  Many small, local and specialty businesses will not come back from this.

We have all heard the recent news reports of several Large Chains and others being given license to skirt the standard definition of “Small Business” that has been in place and recognized for many, many years, by both the SBA and the government. 

Namely, that of  “small businesses”  being those with under 500 Employees. These are the businesses that are the recognized ENGINE of our economy.  Then there are the untold numbers of tiny sole-proprietor businesses – like myself – and many of you, who also have businesses that   fall into this small business category.

Since,  at this point it’s a great unknown as to how much the USA actually “cares” about it’s “small” businesses – it becomes vitally Important – Now more than EVER,  that if you have any REAL small businesses that you frequent and buy from in the good times – That you don’t forget about them during this difficult time in history.

Especially,  if they are a company who makes things here in the USA.   Whether it is food, or furniture, crafts, clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, independent writers, small alternative health practitioners, hairdressers, small local markets.  Jeeze, there are millions of these businesses who need our support right now.

Purchase a gift certificate or a take-out meal or begin a project while we are socially distanced. Every little bit will help your favorite local and specialty small business make it through to the other side of this unprecedented shared experience.

While my studio is currently closed for any in-person appointments – I am very fortunate to be able to go in on a limited basis during this time.  I work by myself and most of my vendors (Who are just about ALL NYC based small businesses- many are 2nd and third generation family owned)  are able to ship supplies.  So if anyone wants to start a project during this time – I am available!

I have done many, many projects 100% long distance, from Dubai, to the UK, to Europe, to Japan and to all different parts of the USA.  The end results are just as good as they are in-person – it’s a slightly different process, just requiring a little extra time for the back and forth. (which BTW will also Support the USPSbuy some stamps!)

I do hope to come out on the other side of this as I eventually did after 9/11.

So, it’s an ideal time to plan, if you are so inclined. (If not – please, support ANY small business!!!)

Or if you just want to talk, that’s fine too. I am used to working by myself, but this is a bit too much!

During this time I will be discounting 15% any (non-exotic items) ordered now & for the foreseeable future.  All Online Orders & Custom Commissions placed during this “stay at home” period and on gift cards – that can be used anytime. (On Exotics, I can apply the 15% discount to my labor, only.) 

Also  I am discounting 20% off in-stock leather projects (these are the leathers I have collected over the course of my years in business. They are all one-of-a kind and limited in quantity) Just give me an ideal of your project, the kind of colors you like and I will get you photos of what options may work. 

 I eventually hope to get these leathers posted online…but for now I will have to do it this way.

In closing, I want to express my thanks for all the years of support I have been so lucky to have from those of you who are, have been, or may be future customers.  Really it’s all of you that have kept me going over the years. Making custom clothing is not by any means a big $$$ proposition.  It’s really a labor of love and passion and without you guys that would be greatly diminished….

We will make it through this together.

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