The Bespoke Pinstripe Suit – Elegance in Leather

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The Bespoke Pinstripe Suit…Finished.


The Pinstripe Suit -This is our version, classically tailored, but with a twist. The suit is made in a fine , super glossy European lambskin, with a hand-guided  pinstripe stitch.

A leather pinstripe suit is kind of a wonderful outlier, no?

The lightweight glossy lambskin is the perfect base for the contrasting white stitching.

Each stripe is individually hand-guided and stitched, by machine with a nice soft, heavy gauge white thread.  The suit is lined in a beautiful 100% silk iridescent taffeta which completes my absolute favorite color scheme – Black, White and Red.

I accented the buttonholes with contrast  that matches the lining.  At the bottom of the cuffs, the vest and at the jacket’s lapel.  There is a boutonniere stay at the back of the lapel so, when it is used – the flower will stay secure.

To me, this Bespoke Pinstripe Suit combines the best of fashion and what makes fashion (and leather) a fetish for so many – both literally and figuratively.

As a 3 piece suit goes, It’s elegant, it’s edgy.  It’s a completely stand-out and unique statement.  Co-opting the classical while both celebrating it and subverting it!  This leather suit is most definitely something you are not going to see coming and going!

It sums up everything I love about what I do – from the material choices to the craftsmanship.  Together these result in an incredibly wearable and powerful personal statement.  This bespoke pinstripe suit is one that is going to last a lifetime, and probably longer.

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