Custom Cafe Racer Jacket

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This Cafe Racer jacket, is custom-made in a nice substantial cowhide called “Neptune.” 

It’s German-tanned, and well… the Germans know their leather.

Even though this café racer jacket is made of a very heavy leather, it’s still incredibly supple.  And the depths of the black are quite warm, giving it almost an espresso shade in a certain light – it’s so much richer than dead-on black leather.

Our client is someone who the general market might have called “big and tall” not too long ago.  He is very tall and perfectly proportioned,  scaled up far beyond most mortals!  There is no way he is going to find an off-the-rack leather jacket to fit him properly

Obviously, what is considered  “big and tall”  in an off-the-rack way doesn’t cut it in reality since off-the-rack sizing is, by definition,  limited in range and not for everybody.  It doesn’t take into account guys who are this well-proportioned and just that much taller.  You know, the Viking type.    

This café racer jacket has a refined fit; it is not oversized or loose. The sleeves provide great movement since they are cut high in the armhole. The waist is not big, just because the chest is.  Same with the sleeve proportions. 

Most Clothing companies need to cater to the masses or a subset of them. Most clothing is mass-produced, and even companies that do smaller production have to choose a basis for their sizing.  In the US,  I’d think it’s a relatively small subset of men who fit into the Viking category! 

That’s where bespoke and custom-made come in.  New York’s luxury tailors are truly brilliant specialists in wool and cashmere outerwear (not to mention suits), but for anything leather, shearling, or exotic,  Even the best men’s tailors in NYC don’t do that any longer.  That is what we are here for – your perfectly fitted leather jacket!

You want your day-to-day clothes to match the fit and feel of the luxury bespoke suits you wear on a daily basis.  You deserve that.  Especially in the pieces you wear every day for leisure, pleasure or sport. 

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