Custom Cafe Racer Jacket

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This Cafe Racer jacket, is custom made in a substantial and heavy cowhide called “Neptune”.  It’s German tanned and well… the Germans  know their leather.

Even though it’s a very heavy leather it’s still incredibly supple.  The depths of the black are quite warm lending an almost an espresso shade in certain light – it’s so much richer than a dead-on black leather.

Our client is someone who the general market would call “big and tall”.  Very tall and perfectly proportioned,  scaled up far beyond most mortals!

Obviously, what is called “big and tall”  in an off-the-rack way doesn’t cut it in reality,  since off-the-rack sizing is by definition strictly limited and these days basically sucks in the fit department.

That’s where bespoke and custom made come in.  New York’s luxury tailors are truly brilliant specialists in wool and cashmere outerwear (not to mention suits)  but for anything leather, shearling or exotic,  that is what we are specialists in!

You want your day-to-day clothes to match the fit and feel of the luxury bespoke suits you wear on a daily basis.  You deserve that.  Especially in the pieces you wear everyday for pleasure!

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