Outlaw Python & Leather Shirt with Cordovan Lacing

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This python and leather shirt was a private commission,  and meant for both stage and street wear.

It features detailing in a natural, belly cut, python skin with a semi-matte finish and cordovan lacing.

To go with the very dark – but NOT black – natural markings of the snake, we chose a deep espresso color Italian lambskin for the body of the shirt and the matching jeans, both feature cordovan hand- lacing work to highlight the details and along the seams and edges.

The espresso color is so deep that it reads as black in many lights but has much more life and richness to it.  This python and leather shirt is fully lined with a light weight rayon so it can be worn on it’s own or as a lightweight jacket.  In certain skins a leather shirt like this could be made almost completely unlined – creating an even more lightweight piece.

Our client often dresses down the matching espresso jeans with a black leather blazer and they work beautifully together.

One nice thing about using snake skin in combination with leather is that it can be a more economical option.  So whether your project is a python and leather shirt, or a mixed medium jacket.  It’s a nice way to bump things up!

There are several types of python we work with, the average skins are short tail (python curtus),  and each skin is roughly 5′ long,  then there are long tail skins (python molurus) which average about 9 feet long.  The type of skin a project used can depend on the finished length of the garment, or the finish availability.  Otherwise the look and weight of these skins are very  alike. This python and leather shirt utilizes a long tail skin.

Then, for really special projects we can source wild python,  these are the skins with the very large armor like scales – I have worked with skins that are as long as 9 meters!  These skins are rare and  and it’s unlikely to source 2 that match well in both in the size of the scales or color. I’ve done 2 projects with semi-matched skins that between the 2 garments that were cut. A very successful match was achieved.  This jacket was one of the pieces. The other garment cut from these skins was a pencil skirt.

We can even have custom colors created for you.  This super premium service is available for snakeskin and alligator and has additional costs and lead times.  Mixing python and leather allows for so many design opportunities too!

Remember, each and every piece we make is individually designed, patterned, hand-cut and constructed in our NYC Studios.

Prices on custom made garments will vary according to the type of leather used, the amount of leather required, as well as the specific details of each individual garment. Current market and exchange rates also affect prices.

Additional information about our custom made process.

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