This Hair-On-Calfskin Jacket is a modern take on 1970’s Style

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I  designed this Empire Cut Hair-On Calfskin jacket inspired by the wonderful skins I was able to source.  And by a healthy dose of  1970’s boho/ rock style.

To this day our love for 1970’s fashion endures.

So many elements of 70’s fashion remain relevant today.  Interestingly a lot of  1970’s fashion was influenced by the 1930’s.  This was an era that featured long lines and skimming shapes. Which gave clothing a freedom of movement and a completely new ‘casual’ elegance that had never been seen before.

I was inspired by this ‘casual elegance’ as well as some real examples of wonderful 1970’s leather work I have seen over the years.

The hand-cut appliqué detailing on this calfskin jacket is very much a nod to the 70’s,  as is the unlined finish, which I wanted to highlight.

I envisioned a coat you could wear through the same Spring and Fall temperature ranges that you would a good denim jacket.  But, because it’s not denim – the jacket can be worn in more professional and dressy situations.  The skins are lightweight, which make this jacket just as easy to wear, and when it’s cooler, adding thin layers or a scarf are all you need.

The empire cut of this coat skims and elongates the body.  The bell sleeves can be opened on warmer days, or you can wear long gloves under them on cooler days.  This way,  you are able to carry a bag over your arm without impacting the skins. (because, with any fur,  less rubbing and friction is better for the skins over time.)

This hair-on calfskin jacket makes simple jeans and boots look striking.  And  –  because it’s made to last at least as long as those collectible 1970’s jackets (and finished much better)  someone will likely be wearing it and loving another 50 years from now – long after I am gone!

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