Bespoke Trucker Jacket with Leather Sleeves

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This trucker jacket in denim with leather sleeves is a little bit of departure for us,  since the space right now is a little tight to regularly work in fabrics – past our linings and stretch technique – but it’s always good to flex up on disciplines.

We are very happy with the results and our client was thrilled.  After getting his jacket he spied a similar style in YSL’s windows and had to check it out –  and declared his jacket far superior!  Of course his jacket is a one-of-a-kind piece made expressly for him and not a piece of a production run of  hundreds, or more.

This jacket’s made up in a stiff, deep indigo Japanese denim – the fabric was rinsed once and dried to give a slightly softer hand.  Finishing that saturated often has a distinct scent which was also taken care of.  Pre-rinse,  the denim was practically flat black.  Rinsing brought out a nice depth and a bluer tone.  Since the jacket won’t be washed, but dry-cleaned, further fading, is not expected.

The sleeves are a nice meaty New Zealand lambskin, this was a very popular skin in the 1990’s for it’s distinct texture and plush thick hand, but it’s not so easy to find these days.  The skins, because of how they are finished, tend to have less useable area since nothing is applied to mask and cover flaws, but these were incredible!

We had a little fun with the crimson grosgrain finishing – the inside of the jacket looks as clean as the outside of the jacket.  Fine finishing is a hallmark of custom made, we make no exceptions…

Please note, this jacket and all styles that we create are 100% patterned, cut and built in our NYC Atelier. Our focus is custom made – We don’t customize existing pieces.

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