A Leather Jean Jacket with a Twist

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We call the color of this leather jean jacket sage, but it could easily be olive – the kind used in a martini!

The twist here is in the both the fit and the lining.

Now you’ve got a classic that is both timeless, individual and very cool. A jacket that works over jeans or trousers, dress shirts or t-shirts. Black cords are fantastic with this jacket! It’s a heavier, tough jacket with finesse. The distressed naked finished leather has a slight gloss which will soften down with wear and darken over time. Definitely not a jacket to be reserved for special occasions, but broken into its full character and depth. Just like a beloved jean jacket, but in a real second skin…

The fit is more tailored than a classic jeans jacket, with more defined shoulder line and a tailored two piece sleeve. In many of our jackets we cut a “dance” sleeve, which allows for fuller range of movement than you would get in a regularly tailored sleeve. No sacrificing comfort for style with custom-made! And the batik cotton lining is the perfect finishing touch for this unique bespoke piece.

Feelings of confidence, strength and comfort are liable to last a lifetime in a jacket like this. And you can be assured the jacket will last a lifetime too!

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