A Leather Wedding Dress – pearlescent!

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A Leather wedding dress is a very special request and doesn’t come by often. 

I have done only a few leather wedding dresses over the years and they are usually on the more alternative side.  Ranging  from the Gothic – a black suede &  leather wedding dress – to the historic…a silent film inspired one.

As a leather wedding dress goes, this one was different.   It very personally incorporated the traditional and non-traditional.   The traditional, is the pearlescent champagne shade of lambskin.  The cut and the details are modern, fun and wearable long after the ceremony.  This dress is not going into storage!

My client,  Fara,  has great personal style, feminine, strong and very playful!  The dress was created for her in her signature silhouette, a fitted nip-waist bodice with  a full skirt,  while the detailing clean sculptural and minimal. And, rather than being encumbered with a clutch, her dress includes nice roomy pockets!

Comfort is key at your wedding and this is where custom-made excels – when the details and fit are perfect, you feel perfect!

Love the amazing Louboutin’s and Custom-made Fascinator she choose to complete the outfit!

There is no reason to let the occasion stop you!  Leather is a wonderfully versatile material and there are so many amazing colors, finishes and treatments out there, from laser cut leather lace … to the newest, true  paperweight lambskins and everything in between!

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