A Short History of (My) Wedding Dresses and other Exotica

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Wedding dresses – why am I writing a post about wedding dresses when I do leather?

Well I have quite a bit of history with weddings, dresses and otherwise!

Obviously, most people don’t think of leather when it comes down to their custom wedding dress (or other evening gown or suit for that matter!)  Nor should they!  This is simply a celebration of the wedding dresses and related projects I have had the honor to make over the years.  In no particular order…

There’s a whole wedding party, for a 1980’s New Wave black and white themed wedding.

The Groom’s jacket and vest were among the very first men’s pieces I ever made and yes, the Jacket is leather – Suede with leather accents and perhaps the least dated (‘cept for the hair!) piece out of the whole party.

The Bride’s gown was modular, a jacket with train, a skirt and a mini dress halter with leggings trimmed in the same black lace as the back of the jacket.  And don’t forget the  fascinator with a removable veil.  The venue had no place to change and dancing comfortably was the major end goal!  Oh, and 2 miscellaneous guests!

More alternative wedding ideas…

A sleek taupe gown of cabretta leather with spiral seaming, meant to be worn beyond the wedding day.  Like the full skirted pearlized lambskin dress we did a little while back!

A pair of jeans for a dancing groom.

A gothic leather corset and lamb suede skirt. Perfect for a Cartoonist’s wedding to an editor of Fangoria.

And a pearl leather coin-mail gown I call “Theda”.  This gown was made for a Moroccan themed wedding in the hills above San Francisco.

Lastly,  for my own wedding, I created a corseted Elizabethan ballet inspired gown,  made from an antique, hand-embroidered, cut-work, Irish linen…tablecloth!
-just slightly channeling Scarlett O’ here!

The tablecloth belonged to my husband’s Mother. I wanted to honor a very inspiring woman I was not able to meet. When I told my husband what I was going to do with it, he blanched – but was happily surprised!

While our specialty is leather we will from time to time accommodate our clients requests for very special couture projects in other materials.

Because our focus is on our leather work, this service is reserved for clientele who have already completed several leather projects with us.