Adventurine Collection

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Our Women’s Luxury Leather Collection “Adventurine,”

Takes its inspiration from some of the Iconic women who raised the stakes and broke new ground during the early 20th century. 

From the strength and vision of Amelia Earhart to Margaret Bourke-White, Babe Didrikson Zaharias, Carole Lombard, Marion Ravenwood as well as the fictional Ayesha,  from  the 1925  silent film ‘She’,  which was Hollywood’s contemporary embodiment & juxtaposition of female authority and feminine wiles. This collection celebrates ground breaking feminine visionaries and icons of the early 20th century.  And how they have inspired so many.

This collection was dedicated to Mary Sekelj,  wife of Tibor,  who,  along with with her husband,  explored the Amazon’s Mato Grosso (the River of Death) between 1946-49.   Without the typical entourage or even a guide.  They survived encounters with the fearsome Xavantes and Tupari tribes and lived among others during their groundbreaking and often harrowing expeditions.

Many of the styles shown in our collections may be Made-to-Order in our standard sizes, or
re-imagined and fully Custom-Made to fit you and your style.

Women’s Luxury Leather by Carla Dawn Behrle

Many of the styles you see here can be made to order in our standard size range or re-imagined and custom-made to suit you personally. Our Custom Design Services give you Designer Leather with a truly personal touch.  No “Brand Name” or Designer lines offer this service at any price point. Period.

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