Extreme Skins Leather

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Our Extreme Skins Leather Collection 

Inspired by the sleek lines of race cars and concept vehicles.  Built for speed, modern, and overtly body conscious lines.  Slashes of skin are created and exposed.
Informed by classic shapes of clean functionality that, approached anew, embody pure Confidence. 

From the long lines of our ankle zip pants and long Lo-back leather skirt, to our sleek MC jacket and halter top. Many styles from our Extreme Skins Collection can be recreated in our standard RTW sizes or May inspire your own OOAK Custom Made leather garment. Our Shred Back Dress was featured in Cosmopolitan magazine.  To this day, we are asked to make custom versions of our leather ankle zip pants. We even created a custom pair for Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Many of the styles shown in our collections may be Made-to-Order in our standard sizes, or
re-imagined and fully Custom-Made to fit you and your style.

Women’s Luxury Leather by Carla Dawn Behrle

Many of the styles you see here can be made-to-order in our standard size range or re-imagined and custom-made to suit you personally. Our Custom Design Services give you Designer Leather with a truly personal touch.  No “Brand Name” or Designer lines offer this service at any price point. Period.

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