Luxury Gift Ideas for the Man who has Everything.

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Luxury Gift ideas for the Man who has Everything.

(Or the Woman who has it all)

(Except maybe the perfect leather jacket!)

It is always a conundrum to come up with a unique and truly personal gift for that very special person.   

Especially if that special someone you are shopping for has very specific tastes – clothing, in particular, can be a very hard thing to buy for another person.

Unless they have voiced a specific want or desire. Or maybe they have a wish list somewhere.

Without this insight, you probably don’t want to take the chance of surprising someone with clothing. 

 High-End Luxury Gift guides usually feature a plethora of incredible jewelry, Rare Liquors, multiple Objets de’art,  Rolex and Patek Philippe watches, Hermes Kelly bags, as well as many classic Tiffany & Co items.    You are also liable to find limited edition Supreme Sweatshirts, PVC Luis Vuitton Backpacks and even highly collectible Nike Editions.  All in the 4 – 6 digit price range. 

All these Luxury Gift ideas are highly covetable to a specific audience and all have very big name recognition, after the real collectibles,  a few of the fashion items are truly heritage items that can be lovingly worn, and passed down to future generations (or resold).  And others are more for bragging rights – collectibles, really.  Their longevity and functionality are a little questionable.  A PVC backpack, no matter what the label is, is not going to hold up over time or wear (unless maybe it is stored in a controlled environment), even if it does cost $5500.00. 

There are usually not a whole lot of clothing options since clothing is so very personal.

There is a “Luxury Gift” alternative, and that is having something Custom-Made for them alone. 

A Custom-Made leather jacket or a leather shirt, or even a pair of leather pants,  can be the gift of a lifetime.

Having a leather garment designed, hand-crafted, and custom-fit to you alone is a unique and collaborative experience, resulting in a true heritage piece that embodies the wearer’s being and style like nothing else ever could.  A Beautifully fitted, truly made-to-measure leather garment is something that will be loved and worn for many years, long outlasting anything Off-the-Rack. 

The creation of a made to measure leather garment is very personal, and it’s not something that needs to stand out by virtue of it’s label or price tag.  A custom-made garment is intended to highlight the wearer, they are the focus. They are the reason for its being.  No matter if someone has attention grabbing style, or quietly classical style.  We work to emphasize and complement them.

The actual design process can be as collaborative as  the client wants. Getting to choose the leathers and all the details that will bring the garment to life is just the start of the process.  You get to see the silhouette and proportions develop, while we make sure the fit moves fluidly and comfortably over the body, making sure every seam-line, every pocket, each little detail is perfectly placed. All taking into account the wearer’s personal desires, preferences and needs.

No matter if it’s a long-planned event or a surprise (Which can be accomplished with a gift certificate). You are welcome to accompany your loved one to the fittings and share the experience.

If you need guidance regarding the budget for a specific type of leather garment, You can call us or contact us via the Bespoke Enquiry button. Because every project is different we’ve provided a  basic price guideline here. 

Below are just a few of the Gifted garments we have custom-made.

Distressed leather Jacket Hybrid of Bridgerton+Peacock Revolution+ Brian Jones
Distressed leather Jacket, sort of a Hybrid of Bridgerton+Peacock Revolution+ Brian Jones
Bottle Green Men's Leather shirt
Not quite western, and just a little bit Rocker.
Ruched Leather Dress - On the client
Either piece of this 2 piece leather dress is- Va- Va Voom!
Ankle length Python skin skirt
An ankle length Black Matte python skin skirt
Bespoke Alligator Jacket by Carla Dawn Behrle NYC
The ultimate Self-Gift. An Alligator jacket made up in a deeply antiqued cobalt blue
with contrasting lapels and detailing

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