Re-Imagining the Iconic Jimmy Page Dragon Suit

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 This is a reimagining of the iconic Jimmy Page Dragon Suit.

Created for a Fantasy Rock and Roll Wedding.

Right off the Bat, I need to reiterate that  I specialize in LEATHER.  I do not take on custom-made projects in fabric except for very, very good & longtime clients. And even then, rarely.

That said…these Dragons would be amazing on a leather jacket.  So consider this an Inspiration Post!

This hand-painted Dragon Suit was created for a client of almost 20 years. I did his band’s leather tour wardrobe for quite a few years and, since then, the occasional leather fashion project. 

This is his outfit for his Dream Wedding. I also made the centerpiece of his Bride’s outfit – that IS Leather).   They are celebrating their marriage by getting re-married in Vegas by Elvis! 

He cannot wait to promenade down the Vegas Strip with her in their Homage to these Gods of Rock.  

Jimmy Page’s original and super iconic dragon suit was completely embroidered- he had 2 of them – our groom’s hardest choice here was whether to re-imagine the black one or the white one! He was known for his incredibly embroidered suits, not stopping at the Dragons.  These embroidered suits are attributed to a woman in LA , going by the name “Coco” Like Coco Chanel.  I do wish there was more info on her work.

When he brought me the idea for this project, I knew exactly who had to do the hand painting!  Sissi Siska,  Her work is the main focus of this job, and rightfully so. Her actual expertise is hand-painting on silk, and her work is amazing (obviously).  She also teaches hand-painting techniques from her studio in Hoboken and in traveling workshops around the country.

We can recreate this suit but it would require at least a 6 month lead time due to the artist’s schedule.  Each suit would be it’s own one of a kind work of art.

Custom Made in the same fabric and hand-painted (based on this original artwork) and within a regular size range (36-44R) this suit will be $5500. (as of this writing in 2024) 

Or Completely New artwork can be created for an additional charge. 


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