Super Hero Motorcycle Jacket

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This motorcycle jacket – is kinda inspired by a Superhero…

I got a new client, basically because one well known luxury line can’t accommodate the truly discerning customer.

(…well to be truthful, none of them do…)

I got the call,  because after going to one of the YSL boutiques, here in the city,  specifically for one of their motorcycle jackets,  they discovered that YSL’s jackets are lined in polyester and fit a really specific body type – one which this client is quite close to,  being very tall and slender.    But finding the  YSL lacking the quality they desired, they went to Google and found me.

The polyester lining was the big kicker.  I mean, OK, Yes- it lasts forever- but not in a good way.  Plus,  it feels like you are wearing a plastic bag- no breath-ability. Very funky when there are big temperature swings. In NYC you are generally running around and in and out of overheated stores, offices, subways- you name it. It’s always one extreme or another.  Polyester lining can be more durable in certain garments, but if you want a garment you’re going to wear heavily for 20+ years, polyester isn’t going to perform any better over time – and it will be less comfortable.  It will eventually need replacing at some point – Leather simply outlasts cloth.

Once here for his fitting, he realized the fit could be improved, and by a lot.  Great fit,  in and of itself can make a good leather jacket into lifetime go-to piece. Once you’ve experience a garment that fits you perfectly- the difference is immediately apparent.   He also wanted  functional, comfortable  pockets, instead of the oddly placed hand-warmers on the classic YSL jacket.

All the little personalized details. Monogram, inside pockets, etc, etc.  These make a big difference – beyond simply individuality. Each of these adds to the  comfort, functionality and wear ability according to the client’s lifestyle preferences.

He said “I want a leather jacket that’s going to last me 20 years.”

So I allowed a little extra room to cover the passage of time – just in case,  and made his jacket in this amazing heavyweight French Lambskin that my vendor now stocks in 5 or 6 colors.   Really, the most perfect skins for a motorcycle jacket.   Then he choose from the 98 or so shades of silk that I offer as lining.   

We did a 4-ply crepe –  it’s a beautiful weight and the color he chose is a really striking, unique choice.  He chose it because he is a Batman fan!  I am out of the loop these days with comics.  But it really does evoke the mood, energy and vivid graphics of the vintage comics!  It’s a positive and powerful color.  And it’s perfect in this leather jacket.

Which is why I’ve dubbed it my  Super Hero Motorcycle jacket…

You don’t go for custom made (anything) to save money- it won’t happen, but you will get what you want- better made, better fitting and longer lasting.  20-25 years is not unusual, at all.



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