A Perfect Glossy Lambskin Coat for Spring!

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This is the perfect Glossy Lambskin Coat for Spring.

I have a great client in SC That I’ve been doing custom work for for probably close to 10 years. She and her husband love clean and classic looks and this lambskin coat is  my latest project for them!  It’s a slightly more classic and longer take on this classic jacket.

Since I can no longer source the ‘Carissima’ baby calfskin (sadly another tannery casualty) the Mona Lisa lamb used here is the perfect stand in.  It’s become one of my most popular fabrications.  Now it comes in about 6-7 colors, Black, Espresso Brown, Burgundy, Grey, Red and Pink. I think there is also a cognac (golden brown) shade.

I’ve done coats, jackets, pants and dresses in this leather and it works up gorgeously every time- because it has the finished back, which prevents rub-off and crocking,  It’s also very suitable for light weight unlined garments.

(I really need to do something with FRINGE in this leather!)

The weight and finish makes this long leather coat a perfect option for pieces that you want to wear through several seasons, or for those in more Southern climes in the Fall and Winter.
Leather is very versatile especially in lighter weights.  So just because it may be Spring outside it’s no reason to put your leather away!

In more Northern climes this coat is light enough to layer with wool…under or over.

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