Moderne-Retro Motorcycle Jacket

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This long-line retro motorcycle jacket is inspired by the sleek silhouettes of the past.

This retro motorcycle jacket evokes vintage racer jackets of the 1930’s through the 1960’s. The retro, op-art silk lining is what I designed this moto jacket around.

I wanted a Luxe-everyday feel and was not initially planning a MC style.  But this longline retro motorcycle jacket style worked out perfectly – but, maybe I’m biased….

I get so many requests for longer women’s styles, especially longline moto jacket styles. Short Tight motorcycle jackets have been pretty much all that’s been available for such a long time now.

Now, the oversized trend kind of swings everything to the opposite direction – it’s either oversized and cropped or oversized and long. Overall this trend has far too much fabric in it to be truly wearable long term, especially if you are not 6″ tall and 110 lbs!

I was barely able to squeak this jacket out of the very last of our black “Carissima” baby calfskin.  Sadly, this tannery is another that has not survived the tumult of so much of the industry going to countries like China and Pakistan.  European tanned and finished Baby Calfskin has become harder to come by lately, and when you do find this quality it’s considered the most premium of Non-Exotic leathers.  When you see first hand the the amazing finishing and overall caliber of these skins-  you can really understand why.

I currently have very limited amounts of this “Carrisima” baby calf in a deep olive green, aubergine and a muted grape shade in stock.  It’s wonderful for jackets.

In addition to the leathers I can source specifically for my clients specific projects, I also have in stock around 2500 square feet of unique, rare and discontinued leathers that my client’s can choose from if we have something that suits their project. Usually there is enough of each of these one-of-a-kind leathers to make at least one garment – depending on the style.  So if you have an Project, and I have the Leather…

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