Multi-Season Leather = 4 Season Style

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These Multi-Season leather pieces are made in the same very lightweight espresso lambskin that this top and this skirt were made in.

The client liked the skins so much that I purchased all that were available for her.  I think there is one skin left, (enough for a hat maybe?)  With the scraps I may be able to stretch the remainder into a soft shopping bag for her.

All four of these garments are intended to be worn almost year round.  And because my client splits her time between NYC and San Francisco,  she’ll get even more wear with SF’s more temperate climate.  Really, with the exception of NYC’s hot sticky and sadly longer summers, these will be wearable year round.

Think about it, Multi-Season leather and all the ways you could wear one or two beloved garments…

The leather jumper over a t-shirt or a blouse is two very different looks. Over a turtleneck or sweater you have another.  Over skin, it’s another statement altogether.  You could  wear a sweater over it.  Same with the paperweight leather shorts.  Barelegged or with opaque tights,  T-shirt or sweater.  There is  so much you can do with leather when it’s thought out. Honestly it doesn’t even require that much thought when styles are chosen carefully.

The essence of sustainability.

Whether it’s a statement piece like this jacket or more classic pieces with an edge, like this leather jumper and shorts.  Investing in pieces you can wear again and again,  because they are meaningful to you.  That’s sustainable.  Any garment that you will come back to again and again,  because it gives you joy, and makes you  feel really good. That’s sustainable.

Pieces that are made with care and meant to last.  Slow Fashion.  It’s time has come.
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