A Bespoke Leather Jacket fit for the Tropics

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This Bespoke leather jacket in a tropical weight

was created for a client who spends a great deal of time in the Caribbean.

It’s a combination of 2 very lightweight lambskins, one solid and one perforated.  He really wanted a jacket that would breath and be comfortable in the evenings.  He also was very conscious of fit – he had bought an off-the-rack Prada jacket, but as you can probably tell by these images- he is most definitely not an off-the-rack size.

He is very tall, slender and long waisted so he did not feel at all comfortable in a jacket cut for a standard size- everything was too short, and then when he moved…it could not be good.  He wanted something that fell to his hips and covered his wrists – and he wanted very clean lines.  He is a big fan of a classic Italian aesthetic.  And he wanted it modern.

He knew he wanted a cafe racer style jacket and he knew wanted a perforated leather jacket.

But rather than making the whole jacket in a perforated leather it became the main design feature. Since the jacket  had to be functional for all types of wear, and the solid leather keeps it practical/stronger for everyday wear and cleaner aesthetically.

The perforated leather panels are fully reinforced with a super fine cotton voile and the jacket is lined in a lightweight cotton sateen. The end result is a very lightweight and fluid bespoke leather jacket.

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