Super Clean Café Racer with British Jacquard Lining

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A café racer jacket becomes a true classic when it has sleek lines, standout lining and a great fit.

This leather jacket’s sleek cut really flatters my client’s great physic.  And while I am a big advocate for pockets (personally I can’t live without them)  I agree wholeheartedly with the client’s decision to keep this jacket really clean and leaving off exterior pockets.

It’s made of a thick and supple French tanned and finished lambskin (also used here) and detailed with a wonderful British Jacquard lining.

I don’t know if my client rides, but this café racer would definitely provide protection because of the weight of the leather. However, the lining and the finishing elevates it beyond the norm.  So, this jacket will also work professionally in more relaxed settings.



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