1990’s Fashion-Streetwear Style Rules-Leather done XL!

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1990’s Fashion Redux in Streetwear Style.  Leather done XL and to be seen! 

( I’ll even admit to having made some of those original Jackets….but that’s another story)

This is the Modern World now, so those outsized pieces are no longer relegated to just the guys.  Back in the actual 1990’s the only female artists I can recall taking on the oversized leather jacket look was

Salt ‘N Peppa and they owned it

I can’t recall any brands making this oversized streetwear style jackets outside of their men’s range.  The main brand known for the oversized leather jackets back then was Averix. They continue to make classic and iconic bomber jackets -in a unisex range, so it’s a basic mens cut & fit.   

This Jacket was made for a woman.  Normal height, Normal/Curvy build.  So it’s a very different cut, both for fit  proportion.

My client  knew exactly what she wanted style wise…

(she’d fallen in love with a guy’s jacket that made an brief appearance in an actual 1990’s sitcom –  nothing remotely like that jacket would exist today – unless the original managed to survive in a wardrobe department somewhere.)

–  Any off the rack XL/XXL jacket would swamp her like it would most women,  and it would not be fun to wear.   It would be super heavy, way too long in the sleeves and body, too broad in the shoulder and no accommodation for any curves – which does make a difference – even in oversized cuts.

Proportionally this jacket was scaled specifically for my client and her preferences.  Shoulders quite elongated, Sleeves a little long, very boxy in the body – but that’s  actually a little deceptive.  There is shaping incorporated into the front of the jacket to shape it to her curves – cutting this as a straight out flat oversized jacket would never work –  not in a weighty leather like this.  You’d wind up with acres of extra leather under the arms which, besides looking awful, would be very uncomfortable. 

This leather is a smooth glazed calfskin that is definitely  lighter in weight than the leather the original was made out of – it was a very heavy and  thick leather cut hugely oversized on a big guy.  This leather has the body of a thicker leather with less actual weight –  so it falls beautifully – nicely replicating the look of the source jacket.

I forgot to weigh the finished jacket – but it probably weighs around 5 lbs – I would not be surprised at all if the original was closer to 12-13 lbs – weigh too much!!!  Not practical in real life or real wear for everyday.  Unless you’re riding and really need your leathers for protection – you want to keep the weight reasonable.  And if you are in NYC – many restaurants and bars/clubs don’t have places you can easily put your coat anymore. 

This jacket is  lined in 100% cotton sateen in 2 weights.  That’s a pretty indestructible lining.  ALL of the pockets are functional plus there are 2 interior pockets.  So, lots of places to stash stuff!

I love that this jacket can work both super casually  (just tossed over the sweats she wore to the studio it looks great!)  and I know she plans on dressing it up.  It’s also super flexible with straps and buckles at the hem and the cuffs so it can be pulled in at back for a more cocooning shape – left open it’s more of a boxy trapeze look.  Tighten up the cuffs and it keeps the cold air out in winter! 

You definitely get that 1990’s fashion vibe,  but it’s updated and lightened up.   And it’ll good for another 30 years –  it will certainly last at least that long…. way longer than I am likely to be here!

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