Punch it up in a Bespoke Leather Car Coat

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This bespoke leather car coat takes dapper to another level.  Made up in a rich, true olive, high gloss cowhide.  With subtle hardware details to notch it up.

This style is classically based, drawing its inspiration from the lines and proportions of  a mod crombie coat.  (As in Mods vs. Rockers – with a teeny bit of rocker thrown in!)

The client is a former Rocker, (of a later era!)  so it’s perfectly fitting.

In addition to the gunmetal zipper detailing, the coat is lined in a rich flannel back satin, this adds a good layer of insulation without adding bulk,  so the coat will have a much longer seasonal wearability than if it had our standard silk lining –  just adding a couple of layers or a thin cashmere sweater will take him through a real NYC winter – unlike our current NYC winter which has been…well, kinda meh-for us… But perfect for this coat- as is.

This particular leather will age and show wear less quickly than many other leathers due to its glossy, waxy finish, so it will retain its refined look over time.  I have also used this leather after washing and tumbling it –  it becomes a very, very different effect – dull and mottled.  Very aged looking,  but it’s not a terribly controllable or consistent effect.  So I only use it when client is very clear on this point.

A leather car coat is super versatile, and the choice of leather can dramatically change the look, feel and mood of a garment.

If this leather had been “distressed” by treating it as above, I would have designed a different coat.  To me that’s the beauty and fun of designing –  especially in  my bespoke work.  I am very inspired by both my client’s personal style, and the choices of leathers and other materials they are drawn to – this informs each bespoke piece I create.

When I designed my RTW lines,  I looked some at trends, mostly proportional and silhouette.  I’ve never been a believer of this weeks flavor or flaunting labels. I have no problem with going dramatic, but that’s me – it’s not for everybody (don’t get me wrong – I love when a client takes the plunge).  My private clientele tend to go more classic, but it’s not in the sense of boring or staid –  it’s in fact just the opposite.  There’s an innate sense of each individual’s personal style that stands out in each project.  It’s not about chasing that “must have” Item.  It’s about that Forever Item.

This Bespoke Leather car coat has (in 2020) seen almost 15 winters at this point and the client loves it as much as he did when he first got it – the leather has developed the wonderful patina of a well loved leather garment.  A forever coat,  It’s absolutely timeless.

(Some of these images were taken when this bespoke leather car coat was almost new – others were taken 7-8 years later!)


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