Practical Luxe, in a Suede Field Jacket

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This Goat suede field jacket with safari detailing (pockets, epaulets, military- style buttons) is almost a hybrid between a jacket and a shirt, just due to its light weight. 

The lower pockets and length lean it more into the jacket realm.  But it’s meant for everyday indoor and outdoor wear.  A professional / casual piece for  a CEO client in the construction industry.

I’m not sure what you’d call this color- to me, it’s a deep taupe with olive brown tones.  It’s rich and relaxed at the same time. And it’s super flattering to the client.

Goat suede is just gorgeous, it’s stronger than lamb suede, but still very soft and fluid.   It has a more even, and velvety nap than lamb suede.  Much of the Goat suede I’ve used recently is nubuck finished – where the very top grain of the skin is sanded to a very, very fine nap, rather than being the underside of the top grain.  This finish retains almost all the tensile properties of the un-sanded hide, and both sides can look very similar to the untrained eye. Just that the nap on one side is finer. 

Other suedes have an obvious front and back and some are finished to be completely double faced. These last can be used to make reversible or unlined garments.

Due to the light weight – of goat (and lamb) suede, these skins require special construction techniques when building a garment like this.  The extra steps used in the construction of soft,  light weight leathers like goat suede,  help shape the garment while reinforcing stress points without adding weight or thickness.  It makes a big difference in how a piece will wear and mold to the body over time.  Unseen construction details are one of the hallmarks of any bespoke garment.

And, it makes all the difference in this suede field jacket. 

It keeps the detailing and lines crisp and the jacket comfortable. And the jacket will retain it’s shape over time – (baring any abuse or major accidents – like water/heavy workouts – which no suede will withstand.) 




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