Tracy Morgan Leather Stage Wear

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I got a call one afternoon from a woman who said she was calling for Tracy Morgan.

I was immediately put on the line with his assistant, Kenny…

We are longtime fans of  ’30 rock’  here, so I got a little flustered & do a (phone) double take- and I had to ask him if I’d heard Kenny – or Kenneth?  Turns out it is Kenneth (but not Jack McBrayer), and he goes by Kenny – my head sort of spins. 

When you know Tracy Morgan by his very, very funny depiction of Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock, who doesn’t think of Kenneth?  It was just perfect.

Turned out that Tracy Morgan wanted 2 pairs of white leather “farmer’s overalls” in white Italian lambskin with red detailing for stand-up appearances.  He knew exactly what he wanted & was great to work with.  I like all of that!

As requested:  These are the pure white leather overalls with classic detailing and “Tracy” appliquéd up one leg in brilliant red with matching stitching…a fun project for a truly nice (and very funny) guy.  One of the things I love about creating clothing for stage and screen is that you get to do unusual, stand-out projects for people who really understand (and use) the communicative power of clothing. 

( My training was mainly based in Costume Design and very heavy in Historical fashion and Couture construction techniques, so “costume”  is really my first love –  being able to communicate with clothing…that’s a huge rush.)

They may have a very defined vision that needs manifestation (like this project), or it can be a very collaborative design process.  It doesn’t matter if it’s an over-the-top costume piece or something classic that someone can wear for years. 

What I love is the challenge of creating, with, and for my clients.  Getting to work with so many amazing people isn’t so bad either.

This was an especially fun project –  and getting a bear hug from Tracy “Jordan” in front of the crowds at Rockefeller Center in the middle of a shoot day –  well, that was the BEST!

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