Leather Moto Suit in Olive with Jacquard Lining

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This leather moto-suit was created for a genderqueer client of mine from the West Coast.

They were inspired by their favorite nail polish – and I was able to find them an exact match in the deep olive green. Their lining choice is from a range of Gorgeous English Cupro (Rayon) Linings that I now offer.  I love the combo they chose! It’s perfect for this leather moto-suit.

Custom-Made means – it’s cut to fit, no matter what your body type is.  Your not trying to fit a square peg into a round hole (or whatever your choice of idiom may be…) Because, often you just can’t fit (body or style wise) into any form of RTW!  Or better yet, you’d prefer not to!

Custom Made means it’s designed and made to suit.

It’s not going to look like a costume – unless the client wants it to.  It’s not going to look slutty – unless the client wants it to.  

My goal here is to fulfill my clients ideas, goals and make them something that is theirs alone.  A piece that makes them feel gorgeous, fabulous, tough, strong, powerful, and invincible.  That’s it.  I want them to enjoy the process and have fun.  And, I love when they express their creative sides.  Mostly, I love  the sheer STYLE they each embody.

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