Futuristic & Convertible Leather Suit

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Futuristic & Convertible Leather Suit 1

This is the Work-in-Progess muslin of a  convertible leather suit created for the artist Naudline Pierre

She came to me with a pretty full blown vision.   I was able to articulate it in a way that gave her a comfortable and  very wearable outfit for her big opening.  This Modular, Futuristic and convertible leather suit with clean lines,  is beautifully juxtaposed with a softly distressed burgundy leather. 

This modular, futuristic leather suit consists of three pieces,

a form-fitting, almost corseted vest  with a slightly extended shoulder.  A pair of cut-away pants.  And a sleek contoured bolero/sleeve piece that snaps onto the vest to create a jacket. 

So, the suit is convertible from sleeveless to fully sleeved and each piece can be worn on its own with other unrelated tops and bottoms allowing for a really wide array of styling possibilities.

Picture the vest on its own with a full sleeved peasant blouse over jeans or a skirt.  Right there as a jumping off point the options that have opened up can go a very long way!  I can see the jeans with a heavy, knot type knit, cropped or off the shoulder sweater (above and beyond classic T’s and blouses which are a no-brainer) And the sleeves as layering over any type of strappy dress or top – paired with whatever you’d want. 

I love creating multifunctional pieces and sets.  I also love creating visually dramatic pieces that are truly wearable.  Pieces work far beyond a single purpose. This women’s leather suit is just one example.

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