The Power of Color in Leather

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The vivid color and bold details of this curvaceous leather jacket take it so far beyond your Basic Black! 

The power of color can hardly come across any better than in the color choice for this women’s bespoke leather jacket.

The vibrant, limited-edition magenta calfskin, used for this shapely leather jacket is joyful, powerful and grounded in warmth.

The design of this jacket was inspired by the shaping details of very tailored jacket found in a 1950s French Couture magazine.  Add some modern sleeve interest with the contoured bell sleeves and angled seaming to accentuate the curves. Deep Functional pockets.  Killer buttons and that color!

draped 1950s jacket

This jacket with amazing neckline draping was basis for the detail that guided this jacket.

At first a deep purple/plum color was considered, since the plan was for an everyday jacket. So the immediate gut feeling is to go darker.  There is always a little  trepidation about adding strong colors – especially to a city wardrobe.  But when all the components were laid out, this magenta won hands down.    

It also did not hurt that the buttons stood out a little more on the magenta, they are so special we really wanted them to be a feature and felt they blended so closely with the purple.   

magenta choice

purple choice

I don’t know if you can tell here, but the lining was also reversible so that either the magenta or the purple could be prominent.  So we really could have gone either way and the jacket would be as beautiful. The magenta shade just pulled us in…

(Unfortunately, the premiere Italian tannery that made these skins is gone, but I have bought up the stock of this beautiful leather in several colors.  This pink is the most intense one. I also have it in a beautiful olive green and this rich plum shade.)  

This leather jacket also features unique and rare Antique Victorian peacock glass buttons (collected many years ago and finally finding the deserving garment) and a fun bubble-patterned British jacquard lining.   

This jacket’s bold color and curvy shape elevates jeans or any trousers (which is what is was planned to be worn with) and also looks fabulous with skirts or a dress.  Between the mix of color, pattern, and all the details, this leather jacket becomes a fully personal statement.

What is so great about a strong shape like this jacket.  Is that it pretty much transcends whatever “trends” may happen year in and year out.  It’s standout without being overly extreme (which usually means quickly dated).  A shape like this would work just as beautifully in black, or an incredible earthy shade  (And provide a reason to find some more incredible buttons!)

Many years ago one of my design teachers taught us that very bright colors and even neon colors can “work with everything” in the same way as neutrals.   This seemed to go against reason, and we were skeptical, but it’s true.  Guess that’s just part of the power of color,  well chosen and confidently worn color is an amazingly powerful thing.     

Everything came together for this jacket – The perfect leather, the perfect buttons, the perfect lining.  

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