An Edwardian Style Bespoke Leather Trench Coat

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This is the finished Edwardian Style leather trench coat.

(I wish I could get more clients to send me photos in their leather but such is life!)   The coat is pretty classic but has a distinct period gentleman’s look – think The Avengers’ John Steed (with Patrick McNee– updated to today!)


This bespoke leather trench coat has a more fitted silhouette than is common now. 

And the larger collar that balances out the double breasted cut adds a great deal of flare.  It’s the kind of coat Mick Jagger or David Bowie would have worn in another time – or in their own time.

Think English, Elegant, and a little Edwardian Mod. Def a little Rock ‘n Roll!

The very light leather we used lets my client wear it over tailored suits without adding a lot of bulk and in certain situations he can keep it on inside because it is not heavy and bulky.

This coat went over so well that my client’s been back for 2 more.

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