Costumes for Cyndi Lauper

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This is a costume we created for Cyndi Lauper for her “Dressed to Kill” tour with Cher.

It was a real pleasure to get to work with a true Musical Icon – (not to mention, one who really informed my own musical tastes!) 

These kind of projects are often very rushed but working together we manage to get it done!  This costume for Cyndi Lauper was a bit of a departure for me as it incorporates some fabrics which I don’t work with too often any more, so that was different.  Plus it sort of harkens back to my World Domination Days, with the corsetry, lacing and zippers.   Gee, that line is calling me…hmmm…

The corset I made Cyndi has a lot of stretch to accommodate her diaphragm & lots of onstage movement.   The costume is made up in several parts to accommodate both quick changes and layering.

There is the corset, which is Leather and Stretch, boned with ridgeline for movement and comfort that has to anchor and hold her wireless mic box.  Then there is a removable and adjustable bustle that’s made in a windowpane woven organza thats been highlighted with fine patent leather appliqué to accentuate the plaid. The amount of gathering in the bustle is adjustable from underneath.

Lastly there are 2 pairs of leggings – one is made up in stretch leather with patent leather “tux” strips up the side to match the corset trim as well as the detailing on the removable bustle.  The second pair of leggings are made of the same stretch material used in the corset’s side and back panels with the patent tux stripes peeking out through stylized tattoo-like leather “tiger” stripes. 

I wanted a tiny little nod to the American New-Wave 80’s aesthetic, to juxtapose with the sort of (steam) punky / 80’s Westwood-y sort of aesthetic going on with the main corset and bustle.

I want to Thank Cyndi for being so nice and gracious in the midst of her very demanding schedule. It was a joy to work with her.

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