Buckskin Leather Duster – refined & rugged

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This Buckskin Leather Duster will always remain unique…

Because each year’s crop of hunted hides is limited, every year you will get a different selection of hides, colors and finishes.  Every season the  domestic tanneries that handle hunted skins decide what that year’s crop of skins are suitable for.  Because of this, colors & finishes are never repeated.

Once, I came across an absolutely incredible batch of true chocolate brown Elk skin, with a very silky hand. I bought all of it and we sold out of it within weeks!  Never to see another batch of Elk , or deer or anything remotely finished that way again!  So, it’s truly the luck of the draw when you are dealing with wild sourced skins.

This buckskin is a great, rich, russet shade and the hides, while very soft are also quite weighty, making this this is a rugged, hefty and warm leather coat.  The skins also have a nice thickness to them – like a super plush velvet.  Making this leather duster a tough take on refined.

Hunted hides have more marks than standard hides, reflecting their wild nature.  There are holes and scars that have to be carefully worked around.  Sometimes, these life marks and vagaries of tanning can wind up in a piece, especially if the piece requires larger panels. Our aim is to place them as subtly as possible.  Adding to the character of the piece, rather than detracting.

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