Nubuck Leather Carcoat

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This Nubuck carcoat is made in in a heavy weight velvety chocolate cowhide.

Nubuck is great for rugged outerwear. Nubuck leather is a top grain hide that’s been sanded to give it a suede like finish. It is a much stronger leather than a traditional suede, in which the splitting of a hide creates the fuzzy surface.

Top layer splits are most often what you seem in lighter weight and more delicate garments, and they are usually lamb, pigskin or goat. There’s also cow, or calf split suede, which for me – always brings to mind many iconic 1970’s garments and handbags. It was used so much back then and it is great for certain types of garments, bags and-FRINGE! But not so great for anything that’s tight or will have heavy wear since it’s an inherently weaker skin. Since with each split the leather loses tensile strength.

Nubuck finishes can be found in many types of skins, including alligator – (nubuck finished alligator is incredible!)  It wears beautifully and gains a patina over time so this coat will easily look 10X better in 10 years.  In 25 years this coat will be a gem.

This nubuck carcoat is lined in a thick 4-ply silk crepe, which is heavy enough to stand up well to the weight of the leather. We swatched some contrasting colors once we had the brown chosen  &  our customer loved the rich contrast of the chocolate  with the deep olive green. We did another jacket for him with a slightly different color combo.

…Did you know there are close to 100 colors you can choose from in many of our silk lining fabrications? You can have tons of fun with your color choices.

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