A Bespoke Leather Bomber Jacket- Reach for the Top

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This bespoke leather bomber jacket was created for a client 

who happens to be  an impressive and very well proportioned 6’5″ or so. 

Basically,  he’s built like you’d imagine a viking would be – just transpose that viking to the top of the business world in NYC.

He really needs to get all of his clothes custom made.  He needs to look professional in any setting,  so Off-the-Rack would never work for him.  For that, proper fit is vital.

In NYC his tailor of choice is David Lance NYC ,  whose company has designed custom suits for those who’ve made it to the top of their game in Business, Sports & Entertainment for over 30 years.

David Lance has professional business and formal attire covered.  They made leather outerwear – many years ago,  but have not worked in leather for some time.

Their manager did a little research and located us to help their client fill out his more casual, out-of-office, outerwear needs.  After a meeting with David Lance’s director and his taking a good look at our work and techniques, we all met with the client to begin the first project.

This was my first experience working with those in the field of traditional, classic menswear and tailoring.   Exciting and a little bit of butterflies…

Once the director of David Lance saw the results of first fitting,  for 2 pieces, this leather Bomber jacket and this Café Racer jacket – we were able continue on our own.

They were very happy, and even better,  the client has since been back for more!

Being more or less self-taught,  I come to the sartorial arts from a mixed background in design, proportional aesthetics, fashion history & craftsmanship.  I also come to it relatively late – outside of costume work,  I only started creating men’s wear consistently around 2005 or so, because I kept getting asked to.

I figure I’ve got a lot to learn, but that’s all good –  because every day in this business is learning something new & why I love it so!

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