A Leather Nehru Jacket – fit for a Bond Villain

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This leather nehru jacket is one I loved creating.  I call it SPECTRE, for James Bond’s global adversary in the quest for World Domination…I mean who wouldn’t want to take over the world in this jacket?

Face it, somehow the villains always look the coolest. The best tailoring, the sharpest style.  It’s why we’ve all emulated them all for years. Besides, edgeless gets very, very boring, very quickly.

This dangerously sharp Nehru Jacket, is finely tailored in a foreboding ( yet deceptively fine & very light weight) matte black lambskin. I t’s an authoritative silhouette that can go elegant or undercover. Very Dr. No, no?

As far as leather jackets go  this is one of the most versatile shapes you could think of, since it can be worn both casually as well as formally.   One day I’d love to do a version of it in Baby alligator. How regal would that be? It would truly be a leather jacket fit for a prince – exceedingly rare & priced accordingly…

(Our American Alligator is custom dyed to order and finished for us in upstate NY,  using the same artisan techniques that Hermes’  has become know for, where each skin is hand dyed & then buffed with an agate to achieve the desired finish.  Hermes has been moving away from this couture “Agate” finish to a  production oriented sprayed finish,  using  this very labor intensive technique only for their rarest skins and bags, because of the difficulty of finding the skilled hands needed)

Because our work is all bespoke, or 100% custom made,  there are endless options possible as far as both style and the choice of leather for every commissioned project we create –  and you don’t have to be a prince, as our custom designed, fit and hand-tailored jackets start at $4500.00.

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