Is the World finally Ready for Full on Fetish Fashion???

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Boy,  color me astounded when I saw Kim Kardashian  (I never thought that name would cross my keypad!) 

In a full-on fetish get-up, complete with a gimp hood!

(and  2X so far this week no less)

Along with Evan Mock and Kim Petras – ALL making appearances within the same 24 or so hours in variations of a full Fetish hood. 

Various accounts have Kim’s outfit listed as Vetements and Balenciaga, which is more or less the same, both coming from the creative mind of Demna Gvasalia.


kim kardashian fetish

The first (leather) outfit seems a runway Vetements set from 2018/2019 and  the one she wore to the Met Gala (below) is a current Balenciaga creation.


I love the way this looks against the white stairway, but I am not quite sure what it had to do with the Theme of the gala – which I thought had something to do with American Fashion

…but I could be wrong,  I don’t pay too much attention to this gala any longer, it’s become sort of an arms race to me….but it has it’s entertaining moments! 

Then here are the others!

Evan Mock in a fetish hood


Since I started my first line- stylists from everywhere keep coming back and pulling my Fetish pieces – but always for still editorial shoots.

This has been since day one of that line. Always as accessories….not as the main statement.

A lot has been written about this in the last few days, many going over the rich history of fetish influences in fashion from Vivienne Westwood’s Seditionaries (oddly passing right over John Sutcliff) and onward but this is my favorite Article. The sentence towards the end sums it up:

“These garments allowed for both transformation and empowerment,”

Kim Petras gimp hood


So Whoa!  Who knew that after all this time fetish fashion looks (and statement accessories)  like these would become mainstream enough to show up at the Met Gala! 

It’s just taken the world about 30 years to get there. 

Check Out My World Domination Line which was founded – Yes – 30 Freeking Years Ago!!!!  I guess I should celebrate!


Steam Punk fetish Hoodleather Fetish demi HoodFull on fetish hood

And a final classic… whether Fashion or Fetish!


Peel Leather Body suit
Our Peel Leather Bodysuit

Come to think of it – You could actually just about duplicate Kim’s outfit (in much nicer leather, I might add) between my 2 lines!!!!!

dietrich leather trenchcoat
Our Dietrich Leather Trench Coat

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