Our Favorite Womens Leather Pants Silhouette – Right Now!

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This is our favorite women’s leather pants silhouette right now! 

(And, I think for a long time to come.)

These leather pants are high waisted (natural waist level), body skimming, tapered and ankle cropped & great to cuff!  Not too tight, not too loose, but JUST RIGHT!

These two pairs were made for a client who fell in love with this beautiful and light weight, washed finish lambskin – first in black and then in a beautiful warm brown.

The skins have a soft glossy finish – not quite as shiny as the photos of the brown pair appear – lighting does that to leather – it’s hard to avoid & with no light, details get lost in photos. The brown leather skin shown in natural light is the true finish.

We can’t always source this leather – though for the moment our vendor has it in stock, in  a good range of colors.  One of my favorites is a deep burgundy/raspberry shade- that is  to die for!  No worries, there are aways new and beautiful leathers to explore which is one of the things I love about doing this – not being  limited to working with a basic range of colors and standard finishes.

Lightweight leathers aren’t always suitable for pants, they can be prone to stretching and sometimes just a little delicate.  These washed skins, in spite of their light weight, have a very good body and a tight fiber structure.

Our client has worn her new leather pants just about every day (favorite!) since she got them, and they have broken in gorgeously.  They are light enough that she will be able to wear them through several NYC seasons as well as summer San Francisco nights.  A big plus is that they can be styled as everyday casual, professional creative, or for a night out on the town!

Really, the best women’s leather pants come down to these things; the quality of the fit and the overall quality of design, silhouette, materials and construction. Our aim is to deliver it all. So you have a piece you can wear and love for far longer than just one season.

Most womens leather pants that you will find off-the-rack at whatever price point are cut to fit a very limited body type.  This body type is generally very slender and not terribly curvy.  In fact, far less curvy than most women.

The size range is also limited since each and every size is graded up, working of off of the final (slender) master pattern with minimal allowances for extra curves as sizes go up. This is why Off-the-Rack sizing is usually very limited. For something you want to have and wear a long time, custom made is always going to give you better fit and longevity. I think (but then, I am biased) that having a good leather piece custom made is a no brainer!

Plus, when you get more than one piece made for the same pattern (minor changes are ok – here we changed pocket design and waistband style) &  your 2nd piece does not need a new pattern or muslins – the price on your second (or third pair) reflects this.  Same with all our custom work.

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