Custom Made Shearling Jackets -RESERVE

RESERVE YOUR SLOT- Only 5 Pieces can be accommodated in 2024

Exclusively Ours –  Custom Made Shearling Jackets and Coats, designed & created for you alone.

An Authentic Shearling Coat is the warmest coat you will ever own and with minimal care one of our true Custom Made Shearling coats will last for many decades.

A coat that will be your loyal go-to,  that you will love and never grow tired of. A coat that will only get better with each and every passing year.

Reserve your own ONE-of-a-KIND, fully BESPOKE Shearling coat made to our couturier standards – from the pattern and the fit to the final construction.

Each piece is hand-made by Carla Dawn Behrle and will require 1-3 cotton toile fittings which can be conducted in-person in NYC or via Mail/Virtually. Or a combination of both.

A bespoke shearling coat is not something that can be ordered last minute. 

Pre-Orders with  15% off will be open only until June 30, 2024. Or until 5 Pieces are Reserved, whichever comes first, to Insure Delivery by November 30, 2024.  

For the Iridescent Green “Elytra” Style – just as shown, please reserve HERE. 

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