Bespoke Tailored Jacket in Superfine Leather

bespoke tailored jacket

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This bespoke tailored jacket was created  for a customer is a entrepreneur, producer and philanthropist.

He is partial to Brioni, but was put off by the bespoke price point when he inquired about a tailored leather jacket. (Well over $10,000.00 apparently.)

Our client’s assistant came to us with the project.  He brought with him in a very lightweight, heavily worn piece our client owned from a European designer.  It was also a big and tall size that is very difficult to find as OTR anywhere.  The client loved the proportions of the jacket and wanted to emulate it.  A  very well made piece,  but by the finishing, and linings in particular, the jacket looked to be made  ***elsewhere.  Not in Italy.

We started with finding a gorgeous, super lightweight, mirror finish black lambskin.  Fine leather like this creates a few challenges when having to tailor a leather jacket.  Over the years, we have developed techniques that work beautifully on these very fine skins.  All without the unsightly pic-stitching that traditional tailoring techniques would leave on leather.

Two muslins were created to balance the jacket properly and adjust the fit and fine tune the details.

The finished jacket has exterior and interior pockets, hand-guided double stitching, bound buttonholes, functional sleeve plackets , a double back vent and is lined in a heavy 3-ply silk crepe.  It is also super lightweight and wearable year round.

Our client loves it  (I believe he retired the original) and is now planning a second jacket in brown!

***This is very common in European designer lines since the labeling laws in Europe allow for just the finishing to be done in the “Country of Origin”.  Meaning,  all they really have to do is sew on the buttons, the label & pack it up to ship,  in Italy/France.  Suddenly, it’s magically becomes “Made in Italy/France”.   It’s also of great benefit to their markups which can easily go far past 10X cost.

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