Animatrix Collection

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‘Animatrix’ is inspired by the primal and wild still in all of us.

Influenced by the hard edges of modern life and technology and made earthy through craftsmanship.

This leather collection features our exclusive stretch leather technique, juxtaposed with the apocalyptic rough edges of our ‘Morgana’ pieces. Accented with the beauty of pure wild nature embodied in our ‘Ariadne’ Python Skin Jacket. A one-of-a-kind collector’s piece, made of beautifully matched wild python skins.  Resembling armor and embodying the protective and powerful that has always been inherent of skins.  The garb of Valkyries and Seers,  brought to life for the modern world.

Many of the styles in our ‘Animatrix’ collection may be Made-to-Order in our standard sizes, or re-imagined and fully Custom-Made to fit you and your style.

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