A 5 piece Leather Suit – Full on Custom Made!

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This custom made mens leather suit  was created for one of my “big/tall” clients . 

Mainly tall.  He’s about 6’5″ , perfectly proportioned, and a full on Leather Lover!

He wanted a complete tailored suit ensemble, along with 2 shirts and a tie.

The jacket, pants and tie are all made in our Mona Lisa Lambskin.  This leather has really quickly become the all time favorite leather choice among my clients – especially in black.  It comes in other colors but the black is hands down the best.  It’s got a very smooth, almost grain free finish and a soft but distinct gloss. It’s beautifully lightweight and works beautifully in just about any garment. For my client’s it’s been most popular in tailored suits and jackets.

To complement his leather suit he initially wanted one shirt, but that became 2 once he saw the color and leather choices I sourced.

The shirts both have a shinier finish than the suit, the burgundy leather has a patent finish while the paperweight black leather has a super glossy finish – but the black is not technically patent.  A  “patent” finish today is obtained by a thin (or thick) acrylic based, high gloss finish so it often has a little bit of tack, because of that finish.  The super smooth patents that are associated mainly with handbags and shoes is usually a thick stiff leather but now many variations of  ‘patent’ finishes are available. 

When applied to softer leathers,  a true patent finish is a more expensive finish than many others because it has to be applied and dried in a completely dust free environment.  It’s a very different thing getting that shiny smooth finish on a soft, pliable and sometimes wrinkled base material –  than applying it to a flat, stiff base material –  it’s definitely not something that’s just extruded and rolled off a machine like vinyl! 

In the burgundy skins, the natural grain of the leather is not obscured through the light finish – it’s wonderfully dimensional and textural and worked up into a gorgeous shirt, and even though it’s not a paper-weight leather,  like the black shirt,  it is light enough to work as a layer.

Both shirts are fully lined with  a very light weight rayon bengaline lining,  to allow for more breathability when worn under the jacket – each can also be worn on it’s own or over a layer.

To finish off the leather suit my client requested a tie to match the suit.

To many, a full on leather suit might sound like a bit much, but when considered carefully the immense versatility of the various pieces really opens up a whole range of new wardrobe options!

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