Stylists Information:

We are happy to work with stylists on  these terms:

Editorial  –  Requires a security deposit, (minimum deposit is $250 ).  A valid credit card to be kept updated and on file,  and an LOR from the responsible Publication.  In addition to the regularly collected Stylist / Publication contact information.

The  deposit  amount  will be based on the value of the garments and the time out of studio.   The deposit will be held until garments are confirmed returned in original condition.   Condition will be confirmed within in one business day of return. 

When a garment is not returned in original condition  –  repair and replacement cost will come out of the deposit and  the  credit card on file will be charged for any repair or replacement costs which may not be covered by the original  deposit.   This will  be determined according to the damage/loss and whether a piece may be repaired / recreated or not.

We do not  create or make “loan out” “gift” or “discount” items  for any live performance,  personal appearance or promotional appearance.  So please don’t even go there, unless – for example,  your AAA list client is going to wear it on the red carpet / onstage during the Academy Awards.

If you are looking for  discounted samples  please see the “archives” section of our shop.  These are One-of-a-Kind Pieces in a limited range of sizes.  We also have additional samples for sale in our Studio that you may request for purchase.

We are happy to work with stylists and their clients on creating  specially commissioned pieces for any usage. 

This is our business and it’s called Custom Made.