Patriotic – Red, White & Blue Leather Vest!

patriotic vest buckcherry tour

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This patriotic leather vest and bra top was commissioned by the MC of a Rock’n Roll tour honoring returning Iraq Veterans and featuring the band Buckcherry. 

So, the Patriotic Theme of Red, White and Blue leather was a no brainer.  Because of this both these pieces were made out of the purest shades of red, white and blue lambskin that we could find.  It’s such a great combo, whether in a flag or in leather.

The Leather Vest:

The MC wanted something sexy and very form fitting to make the most of her amazing figure.  She also wanted something that could just be worn casually over here favorite jeans.  I drafted up 2 concepts for the leather vest.  She decided to go for the vest  based on the  “Caterpillar” Top from my Carapace Collection.  Her choice ( and the one I wanted her to choose) makes great use of the contrasting color play, the US flag motif, and the subtle exposure of skin.

The Patriotic Bikini:

I made the bikini Top for the MC’s second change.  She wanted wear this over denim cut-off short-shorts.  I used a style we’d done for Patrica Fields (and shot on Julianne Nicoles for Paper Magazine) as a jumping off point.  (This top, may have been how the client found us.)  The fringe is all cut by hand (as is everything I make) and the bikini was cut with a lot more typical “bra” structure. It’s not just a bikini…

This was really fun project.  I always love the opportunity to get to design in broad strokes like this!  Stage wear and costumes is one of my passions.  It’s a big change from fashion…

This project was commissioned and it was completed totally via mail order.  Sadly never received photos of the pieces on the client…(promises, promises – but, what can you do?)

So, Nikki,  if you are reading this, we’d LOVE to see some photos of these tops on you!

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