2020 Men’s Leather Jacket Survey

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Most of you know me these days for my custom menswear, which has become my specialty.

But you may not know that my Custom Made Jackets currently take an average of 80 – 100 hours to design, pattern & complete, and many take much, much longer than that.  Creating True Bespoke is an incredibly labor, time and material intensive, discipline.

So with that in mind, I am planning to design & develop a small group of limited edition men’s leather jackets, in standard sizes and standard fabrications, that will be Cut-to-Order. 

Once this small production process is set up and codified,  I expect to be able to offer the same high caliber of product as I do now in my custom work.  But, with at least a 25- 30% reduction in price point.

  • A large part of this savings is because the time spent on making patterns will be greatly reduced – since only one master pattern for each style is made, and then sized. Rather than a completely new pattern for each individual piece. 
  • The sheer array of leather and lining choices available for a Full on Custom project can overwhelm people. Offering limited seasonal choices on a cut-to-order basis will alleviate stress on the client, shorten production time and streamline the process.
  • Currently, I cannot offer the most interesting and beautiful leathers to my Bespoke clients because so many are strictly made-to-order and require minimums that Bespoke will not fulfill.
  • On the low-end these minimums range from 250-500 square feet, roughly enough to make between 5-10 short jackets, depending on the style.
  • There are the benefits of purchasing in even these small quantities. This starts with the leather but will also effect other material costs to some degree. From linings to zippers to trims.
  • Construction time also improves tremendously since each piece of a style /fabrication will be constructed identically – no need to work out various details individually as is always the case in True Bespoke.

I’m planning to start with 4 or 5 styles and a limited choice of fabrications. (Individual styles may not change too much seasonally, but each Fabrication will be a strictly limited run.) 

I’d love to get your take on what range of styles you might like to see in a limited edition RTW line.  So I have created this short survey. Below are some examples in pictures that run a gamut of styles/silhouettes to help with your choices.  And yes, a couple of Coat options are in the mix of possibilities! 

And don’t worry- Full Bespoke will still be available for those who want it! 

(This survey will run thru March 31st 2020)

Please Share this Leather Jacket Survey with anyone who Loves Leather!

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